People look for ways to improve their productivity all the time because it determines their success on the job. A poorly-performing employee is not something modern companies are looking for, so increasing productivity is a number one priority for many.

If you are one of those people who blame themselves for their poor productivity, prepare to be surprised. Your skills and competencies are not the only factors that affect your performance! An environment, colleagues, and even a buzzing cell phone at the next office table are other factors that need to be considered in order to see a big picture.

The topic of productivity at work has been investigated by a countless number of studies. They concluded that a person's performance depends on a wide range of factors, and some of them may be beyond their control. For example, if the company fails to engage the employees, they should not get all the blame for poor results.

If you think that this situation is rare, listen to this: a recent 142-country study by Gallup concluded that only 13 percent of employees worldwide are truly engaged at work. The rest is simply not committed to their jobs in psychological terms, so they do not make positive contributions on a consistent basis. No wonder many employees are performing so poorly.

The takeaway here is obvious: both companies and employees need to apply some effort to improve the overall productivity. First, a company should be responsible for enabling employees to exercise methods that enhance their performance and ensuring an appropriate working environment. Second, employees need to commit to increasing productivity and avoid distractions.

There are a number of particular habits that you can adopt to transform your productivity. They are described in a nifty infographic below to help you understand what needs to be done to achieve more during working hours. The eleven habits are proposed, each with scientifically verified evidence of effectiveness.

Some of the findings presented in the infographic may be a little bit surprising for you. For example, who would have thought that people workers who put in 56 hours achieve as much as those who work 70 hours?

Also, the infographic is packed with tips that you can use to improve your performance. We hope that these tips will be helpful for your personal success or success of your company.

All right, enough talk, let's get to transforming you into a real productivity machine!