Facebook ads are getting bigger by the day. Just think about it: this is the most popular social media network of all. It gets huge volume of traffic, and you get a chance to promote your business or personal brand in front of that audience.

Have you ever wondered why Facebook advertising is so cool?

  • First of all, it's easy to use. Facebook will take you through the steps.
  • It's affordable. If you want a promoted ad, it won't be free. However, it will be much more affordable when compared to TV or billboard advertising.
  • Your content will be seen by a targeted audience. You'll present it to people who have actual interest in your promotion.
  • You'll create a buzz about your products or services. People will like, comment, and share. That's the kind of social proof you can't get from traditional advertising.
  • The design can be awesome. You have the flexibility to choose how your ad will look like.

Speaking of design - how do you make it awesome? We've seen some lousy, boring Facebook ads. We've also seen impressive ones. You want yours to fall into the impressive category.

Keep this in mind: Facebook users like to scroll down their feeds with the speed of light. They won't pay much attention to an ad that doesn't get their interest in an instant. That's why it's so important to get the visual elements right. However, you have to convey a strong message, too. The visual part will get a viewer's attention, but the content is what calls them to action.

How do you do it? The real question is: how do experts do it? That's what this infographic is all about. AssignmentHelper shows us how experts create captivating Facebook ads. It's not just about the image and content. It's also about testing, developing buyer personas, adding social proof, calling to action, color, location, and more. Some psychology, too!

Don't start investing in social media advertising before you realize how it works! That would be a waste of money. It takes some preparation and experimenting before you get there. Analyzing great designs is a method that works. When you understand how great Facebook ads, you'll be closer to developing your own successful design.

Go through the elements presented in the infographic very carefully. Make sure they are present in your ad, and you'll be on your way to a great deal of conversions.