Writing Tips From Famous Authors [Infographic]

One of the best ways to learn is to learn from the people who are the best at what they do. This, of course, applies to writing, which is a craft that people never stop learning. To be good at writing, one needs to become a life-long learner, and it makes perfect sense. For example, to write a draft for a short story of an academic essay, you need to know how to do a number of important techniques, including a logical flow of ideas for an essay or a plot buildup for a story.

Learning from the best can also do wonders for your motivation. For example, if you were an amateur cook facing a difficult period of your professional life and suddenly you had a chance to work with the best chef in the country, that would be a masterclass you wouldn't forget for the rest of your life. The same applies to writing, and that's why there are a lot of meetings with authors and other things like that.

Even if you don't have an opportunity to meet and talk with the author you like - chances are that you have a lot of questions for them - you still can get some inspiration from them. That's why the following infographic form writing enthusiasts at Assignment Helper was created. It has some of the best quotes from twelve incredible authors who wrote stories admired by millions of readers and studied by many people looking for guidance on how to write poems, stories, and other works.

Every quote from the infographic can give you a feeling of being a child (writing-wise, of course) whose idols have dropped a heavy wisdom bomb on. These incredible pieces of advice are valued and practiced today by thousands, and hopefully, you'll also use them to improve your writing as well. As you read the infographic, you'll realize that every author there has their own approach to writing, which means that even though their advice is amazing, it's just a starting point for you and instruction on how to make your own style better.

Well, hopefully, this infographic inspires you to try new techniques and become a better writer. It surely has some of the most valuable information you can get from the best writing minds that have ever lived, and if people like Stephen King and Henry Miller share their insights on writing, you listen and take notes.