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What Value to Bear as Cost?

One of the primary goals for us at AssignmentHelper.com.au is to provide the highest level of clarity and transparency when it comes to setting prices. Our policies ensure a simple pricing system that does not have any hidden costs and additional fees. That is what keeps us among the leaders in the industry of custom academic writing because many other companies are known to charge additional costs for no apparent reason.

After placing an order with Assignment Helper, you will see why 86 percent of our first-time customers come back to us. Our prices are affordable, our writers are professional, and our papers are worth the highest grades. We realize how important affordability is for students, so we keep our prices lower the average price on the market. Moreover, we have many discounts and rewards for both first-time and returning customers, because we value loyalty.

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There are several factors that determine the final cost of your order:

  • Content Type – you can choose various levels of complexity of the assignments you order and adjust the final price.
  • Deadline – our skilled writers can complete a paper for you in just three hours but if the submission deadline of your assignment is longer, feel free to try different terms and see how they affect the price.
  • Quality Level – there are several options available for you to choose. They determine the level of writing quality.
  • Extra Services – we offer you many great extra options that will improve your user experience and quality of the assignment, such as proofreading, completion by the top-rated writers, and VIP service.
  • Discounts and Bonuses – our first-time customers are encouraged to take advantage of our discount offer while returning ones are included in the loyalty discount theme.

Place an order now to get a discount or message our customer support if you have some questions!